• Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL

Roof Replacement

Rooftops in Greater Huntsville, Alabama are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the elements and climates for about 15-20 years. With the climates, weather, and other circumstances, your commercial and residential rooftops will deteriorate. At Professional Home Roofers, we offer roof replacements for your home or business when the roof is beyond repair. With the expertise of our team, you can count on the professionals to ensure quality replacement service.

How Do You Know when it’s Time to Replace Your Roof?

No matter if you have an asphalt shingle or metal or a commercial metal, shingle, rubber, EPDM or flat roof; our specialists have access to premium products and tools to ensure your roof replacement is done smoothly and efficiently. If you are unsure your roof is needing a replacement service, consider the following warning signs and contact Professional Home Roofers if one or more of the following apply.
1) Frequent leaky roofs.
2) Shingles that are curled, cracked or bald.
3) Roof is older than 15 years.
4) Moss growth or excessive dark algae streaks.
5) Neighbors are replacing rooftops (generally, homes are built around the same period, endure the same weather conditions, and climates, when the neighbors require a replacement, you are likely due for a replacement sooner than later.)

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Professional Home Roofers have knowledgeable roof inspectors who can spot these signs of roof damage that may be hidden out of sight. We can help figure out whether the damage is significant enough for a full roofing insurance claim and roof replacement or if a roof repair is the better option for your roof. Call Professional Home Roofers to schedule a roofing consultation and custom recommendation today.

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