• Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL
  • Professional Home Roofers of Huntsville, AL

Where is a Roofing System Likely to Leak in Guntersville, AL? Leaking Chimney, Roof Valley, Skylight & More

If you live in Greater Huntsville, AL there is a good chance that you will experience a lot of rain this winter. According to the knowledgeable experts at Professional Home Roofers, there is no time like the present to prepare for unexpected roof leaks than by scheduling a comprehensive roof inspection. According to insurance experts, roof leaks can result in tens of thousands of dollars of damage and repairs each year for home and business owners.

Where is a Roof Likely to Leak?

When it comes to your roof there are several areas that have a tendency to develop leaks. Some of the most common roof leaks tend to occur around the chimney, in the roof valley and if you happen to have one, around the skylight.

Leaking Chimney

Your chimney can leak for many reasons such as aging caulk, flashing issues or cracks in the cement caps. Sometimes it is as simple as repairing and replacing the worn out caulk and roof sealant around the base of the chimney. Your Professional Home Roofers professional will inspect the area for signs of damage paying particular attention to the mortar joints, along with inspecting the stone and bricks around the chimney for any signs of displacement.

Leaking Roof Valleys

The area of the roof where two independent sections come together and meet is known as a “valley”. The valley typically contains metal flashing and in some cases it involves shingles or tiles which bump up against one another. Regardless of the composition of your flashing, the valley is one of the most common areas for roof leaks. Valley leaks can be notoriously difficult to repair, so it’s always best to schedule an appointment with your Professional Home Roofers expert.

Skylights are Prone to Leaking

Finding the source of a leaking skylight can be problematic because of the number of probably causes. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing the flashing, other times the leak could be more serious involving an improperly installed skylight. Skylight leaks may also be caused by: poor flashing seals, micro fractures in the glass, sealant failure due to fluctuating temperatures or improperly installed fasteners. If you have experienced water damage from a leaking skylight including ceiling staining or damage to your flooring, contact your Professional Home Roofers specialist for repairs or replacement.

Roof Leaks from Ice Dams

Your gutters are an integral part of your roofing system and when left to their own devices without proper attention and maintenance, they can cause your roof to leak. Ice dams are typically caused by a combination of poor roof ventilation and a warm attic area. The problem is amplified when your gutters are clogged. Ice dams are capable of causing damage to roofing, gutters, insulation, drywall and many other surfaces. To effectively prevent ice dams you should remove the heat source from the attic while also concentrating on improving insulation and ventilation.

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